Monday, March 9, 2009

Your My Favorite

guess who its about..LOL

There are people who are good,
And People who are great,
Your better than that girl,
Your the best to date!

Voices come easy to you,
52 characters in 3 weeks!
I can't even come up with 5 let alone 52,
You 'da bomb-biggidy!

You impersonate people,
And I impersonate you,
" Oh how original darling",
Can't I come up with someone new?

But hey,
I'm not a genius right?
Not like you!
Your my shining light.

You've played men and women,
Of all different races,
Not afraid to take risks,
Not afraid to have different faces.

Your impressions are spot on,
Down to a tee!
You've played Renee Zellwegger,
Soon to be Celine.

If I could only meet you,
See you face to face,
I'd be completely speechless,
My heart would probably race.

For now I'll keep on dreaming,
And keep watching a master at work,
Your awesome Tracey Ullman,
And incredible!
That's for sure.

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