Monday, March 9, 2009

Who is Tracey Ullman??

First things first, I think that Tracey Ullman is an amazing Comedienne, Dancer, Singer, Actress, and Producer. Overall, a great Entertainer. She’s crazy, she’s whacky and she’s a hoot to watch. She’s not afraid to look bad. She’s not afraid to act like a child and let loose. “I don't think I'm mature enough.” That proves it. As a child, she impersonated her family, friends and neighbours. “I used to dress up and impersonate our next-door neighbour, Miss Cox. She wore rubber boots, a wool hat, and her nose always dripped.” Her voices are her fortune. She can do anyone, and can slip effortlessly into any accent or voice. She’s funny, down-to-earth, cheerful and quite lovely. I’ve been watching Tracey’s shows for a year now, and have fallen in love with her. Not literally though...oh who the f*** am I kidding??!! I do love her! I have been collecting her DVD’s and enjoy every one of them. In Tracey Takes On... you’d never know that she was actually British, based on the voices that she comes up with. And another thing, spell her name right.

It's spelled T-R-A-C-E-Y, not T-R-A-C-Y. I understand that it can be spelled both ways, but people write it the first way. Anyways..

Her second season of “State of the Union” will be on TV this April, with a whole new batch of characters, both famous and non-famous. She impersonates all her famous characters flawlessly, and has their characteristics down to a tee. She’s the only one who can do 52 characters in 3 weeks because she calls herself “A Happy Schizophrenic”, but jokingly of course. When her 4th season of “The Tracey Ullman show” was finished, she had done over 100 characters. She is a great inspiration to me because I’m known to do voices and accents as well, and when I watch Tracey, she makes me want to do them more. I have done various youtube videos impersonating her characters from her old and new TV series, and enjoy doing it. One thing I've noticed is her make-up. I always see her wearing bright red lipstick and red nails. It seems to be her trademark, and I like it.

Her smile is very pretty and full of warmth. So is her laugh. She is also good friends with another favorite Actress of mine, Meryl Streep. They were in 2 movies together; Death Becomes Her, and Plenty, but Tracey never ended up in Death Becomes her because her scenes ended up on the cutting room floor...dammit...
I remember when I went shopping with my Mom 6 months back and she was looking at the DVD's and she told me to come see something. She held up the first season of Tracey Takes On... and said "You'd be really interested in this. Tracey Ullman does voices too, and all these different characters. You should get it!" and then I looked at it, uninterested and said "Naah..I don't think I'll get it, I don't think I'd enjoy it." What the F*** was I thinking? Why did I say no??!! oh God. That was so stupid of me! now I love watching her. My Mom should've smacked me across the face, or at least I should've hit myself. Then I got home and searched for Tracey on Youtube, and thought "Oh My God! This woman is a genius! I'm like her! I do different voices and accents!" But I'm not as good as her. So, I ended up getting season 1 and 2 as a Christmas gift! Yay!!

Tracey is a very creative woman, and is not afraid to try new things. She’s been an Asian Donut shop owner, a black airport security guard who was in charge of the body search zone, a gay airline steward, a crazy cab driver named Chic, aka "Chick Magnet", and many others. Some of her characters are:
- Ruby Romaine
- Ms. Noh Nang Ning
- Chic
- Trevor Ayliss
- Shaneesha Turner
- Kay Clark
- Linda Granger
- Rayleen Gibson
The list is endless. These are only from "Tracey Takes on.." mind you..There are tons more from season 3&4, and State of the Union.

In my opinion, she’s crazy! But I love her for it. I’d never say anything negative about her, unlike boors on those discussion boards. Please. Get a life! If this continues, I’ll have to do a youtube video called “Leave Tracey Alone!!” wouldn’t that be funny? “Seriously, I meant it”. Aahh, the famous lines of Tracey as Arianna Huffington. Whenever I’m talking to someone I know, somehow Tracey ends up in the conversation. I can’t help it. It just comes out. I was talking to the guidance counsellor a while back, and mentioned Tracey and she told me “Every time you bring her up you smile, and just thinking about her characters makes you laugh! You really like her eh?” Well YEESSSS! She’s “Blogging Brilliant Dahling”.

I always have her quotes stuck in my head, especially the ones her characters say. When my Parents ask me to do something I’m like “Okkaayy” like Ruby Romaine. Or I sing the made-up song that Linda Granger says. “I’ve kicked Librium and escatrol, Dexedrine and valium…” She’s in my head. I’m doing one of her character voices in my play this month. My director asked me “What would Tracey do?” and I gave the biggest smile. There aren’t enough words to describe this amazing woman. I’m speechless really.

I’ve written a couple poems about her. About a few of her characters, Ruby Romaine and Linda Granger and both will be posted on a site that I visit often, a fan-based blog about all the upcoming news about Tracey.

If you’re a fan, you should seriously check it out. It’s a great site. I know the person who made it, and I thank him for it. If this site wasn’t created, I wouldn’t have known all the great stuff I know now.

Tracey, you’re a genius you know. I’m such a big fan of yours. I hope to meet you one day. Keep doing what you do best. I'll quote one of your characters, Shaneesha " You Crazy Girl! You 'da bomb-biggidy!"

Call me obsessed. I don’t care. At least I have the balls to write something like this about someone who inspires me. I’m “Crazy for Tracey”…oh wait, that does sound a little obsessive…whoops.

“I wish I could believe that one person could make a difference.” Well Tracey, you’ve certainly made a difference in my life.

Blogging off now,
Kate Tydd

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