Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some of my Favorite Tracey Quotes

I've collected some of my favorite quotes of Tracey over the internet. Some quotes are what her characters said, and some she says herself.I love how she can be so random at times :)

"As you get older, you realize it's work. It's that fine line between love and companionship. But passionate love? I'd love to know how to make that last."

"I hate clowns." - Same here Tracey.

"I like infomercials."

"Iggidy, Spriggidy, Let's get jiggidy."- As Chanel Montecello

"Yeah, I can sing, and I can dance my balls off too."- As Tony Sirico

"I'm still that little girl who lisped and sat in the back of the car and threw vegetables at the back of her head when we drove home from the market. That never goes."

"Why does everyone think the future is space helmets, silver foil, and talking like computers, like a bad episode of Star Trek?"

"Did you know David Letterman was offered millions of dollars to do a commercial for dog food?"

"I used to sit and talk to myself in the mirror and pretend that I was a woman whose husband was in prison and who had three kids and no money."

"If Anne Wins, I'm just going to BLOG myself!"- As Arianna Huffington

"I'm gonna bury you under the biggest f***ing iceflow I can f***ing find!"- As Tony Sirico

"Goddamn port-o-potty is acting up again..we're all gonna die of carbon monoxide poisnin."- Ruby Romaine

And my personal favorite: "If God had intended for breasts to be seen, He wouldn't have created large woolen pullovers." - Kay Clark

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