Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prêt-à-Porter (Ready to Wear)

Okay..So I just watched this movie with Tracey and thought it was hilarious! She played Nina Skant, an editor for British Vogue. There was one scene where she is being photographed by another designer, and she is hurrying to get her clothes on, and he keeps poking his head out of the bedroom clicking away, and she's yelling at him, "Don't take any more f***ing photos of me! No! Don't! You Irish Wanker!!" And it was the first time I saw her in her gotchies. She was great in it! I missed it yesterday because I had to go out, but got to watch it again today. It was pretty boring for me, but when Tracey appeared on the screen, I smiled :)

I loved that hat she wore as well. She always makes me laugh.

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