Friday, March 13, 2009

The Most Amazing Note

Okay. Yesterday was the opening show for my play, and the Director, Moe, gave us each a short note and a chocolate flower(Yum). She told us to break a leg, and the show went really well. When I read the note, I cried because it was so sweet, and she mentioned Tracey in it!! yay!
I played 4 characters, all with a different voice, including Linda Granger's voice for my Agent.
Here is what the note said:

Dear Kate,
Wow! What energy and talent girl!
Thank you for bringing so much to this show and making Tick Tock magic!
I love each and every character you play! Tracey would be very proud of you, as am I!

Have a great show!


Wow! isn't that amazing and sweet?? I gave Moe the biggest hug. She's a great person. Always complimenting me. Gotta love her :)

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