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What Lights Tracey's Fire??

Tracey Ullman, Actor and Comedienne

I love documentaries, I like observing real people. The thing that got me going when I was a child was there's a film director called Ken Loach and he does sort of documentaries, improvised type films. And there was a film called Cathy Come Home starring the actress Carol White. It was very, very fly-on-the-wall and realistic looking. And I watched as a child and really believed it was true. I saw this scene where she was a woman on welfare whose husband was in prison who was having her children taken away from her because she couldn't support them. I really believed it was happening. And when I heard that it was acting, I just couldn't believe it.

I would sit in front of my mirror for hours just pretending I was being interviewed for a documentary and I was living on welfare and my husband's in jail and—and I'd smoke a cigarette and—well, you know, it's really hard with the kids and I'm tired some days, you know. I just want to have a nice time and go to the pub and have a drink and—I would just do it for hours and hours. And my mother would knock on the door and go, "Shut up and go to bed. Stop thinking you're a welfare woman who's getting beaten by her husband!"

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Tracey Likes her cars!!


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Tracey's Show is ready!


Tracey put the finishing touches late last night to the new series of her State of the Union series, at Point 360 post production in Santa Monica. The new series was produced by Melanie Patterson and directed by Tracey Ullman.

This new series is the most ambitious to date with Tracey appearing in one sketch as 5 different people all set in the make up room at MSNBC. A Micheal Jackson tribute choreographed by Joe Malone a dancer on the original Beat It video

The series will be delivered to Showtime for airing January 25th 2010. World wide distribution will be via Portman DRG , dvd released again by Eagle Rock . The series is copyright to Allan McKeown presents who financed and produced the series.

Tracey's SOTU set for january airing., Oct. 29, 2009

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Tracey isn't ready...

She's such a tease...LOL

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Big Lot's is selling Tracey Takes On...

We're being told that the store, Big Lots in America is selling (at least) Season 1 of Tracey Takes On... DVD released by HBO back in 2005 for $3. So, if you're a new fan and want to see what all the fuss is about, or you didn't get it the first time, OR you simply want another copy, head over to their store!

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The Tracey Ullman Show- Rock Bottom

This is one Hilarious sketch!

"Keith? Keith Nookum? is that you, or am I having an acid flashback?"

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Tracey makes noises in the Studio

Tracey gets offered a job for "The Early Show"

Tracey Ullman joins Dave, Russ, and Maggie on the plaza where they offer her a job on "The Early Show."

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Tracey should Host SNL

I have contacted NBC about Tracey Hosting SNL. She is very funny and creative, and it would be so amazing to see her Host! I'm sure people would tune in to watch. I think it would be great. I don't know why they haven't asked her yet. I've always thought that she would make a great host! We'd be able to see her perform in sketches, being the happy schizoprhrenic that she is. Hopefully they take my email into consideration. Fingers crossed!

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Thank you Tracey (Part 2)

Thank you for being true to yourself, and for doing something you enjoy.

Thank you for always putting a smile on my face when I needed it.

Thank you for being able to take risks, and not worrying about how it would turn out. It turned out great.

Thank you for giving me the strength to carry on with my performing, and giving me inspiration.

Thank you for not sucking bits of your ass and injecting into your top lip, or altering your appearance. You don’t need it.

Thank you for making me laugh. It always makes me feel better, and laughter is the best medicine.

Thank you for keeping up with State of the Union. It’s a great show, and I hope you keep making more seasons.

Thank you for not falling into the pressures of Hollywood.

Thank you for being unique. You have a great personality.

Thank you for not giving up on yourself. You have a lot of creativity. Don’t let that go to waste.

Thank you Tracey. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Keep up the great work. I don’t know what my life would be like without you. I do know that it would be extremely boring!

Jazz singer celebrates quirky characters

She tries to Channel Tracey, but doesn't go as planned.

Jazz singer celebrates quirky characters

Spider Saloff's 'Entertaining Guests' debuts at Acorn
By JEREMY D. BONFIGLIO - H-P Features Writer
Published: Thursday, September 24, 2009 1:11 PM EDT

THREE OAKS - Spider Saloff's first attempt at channeling Tracey Ullman didn't go quite as planned.

The acclaimed jazz singer was performing at Davenport's, the Chicago piano bar, in 2001 when she decided to interpret a series of standards through the voices of the characters in her life.

"It was done in more of a workshop format," Saloff says about her one-woman show "Entertaining Guests." "It didn't have original music at all. I just performed standards. When I realized it was going to take a lot more work, I put it on the back burner until about a year and a half ago."

Using a selection of original songs and the singer's ever-present comedic wit, Saloff's current incarnation of "Entertaining Guests," which she'll perform tonight and Friday at the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, turns the autobiographical musical theater piece into a celebration of life's quirky characters.

"There's an Italian hairdresser from South Philly and a very strict German woman," Saloff says. "The whole premise of the title is that there are these people who just show up in your life. They are like guests who show up to your party, make an impression and then leave. The show is bizarre, and all of it is true. There's stuff that's so weird you couldn't make it up."

Saloff, who is originally from the New Jersey suburbs of Philadelphia, lived in New York City before making Chicago her adopted home in 1994.

Since then, her scats and improvisations have made her a fixture in Chicago's jazz scene, performing at the Gold Star Sardine Bar, The Green Mill and the Fairmont Hotel, and teaching at the Bloom School of Jazz.

Saloff is the co-star and co-creator of the internationally syndicated public radio series "Words and Music," but is most widely recognized for her extensive knowledge of classic Broadway theater music of the 1920s, '30s and '40s. Her concert series, "Spider Saloff Sings Gershwin," which toured the United States and headlined the St. Petersburg Gershwin Festival in Russia, featured a few rare Gershwin melodies given to her by members of the composer's family.

Saloff recently performed a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald with the Chicago Jazz Orchestra and released her seventh studio recording, "Cole Porter Live at Maxim's," on Kopaesthetics Records in the summer of 2008.

In "Entertaining Guests," however, Saloff turned to her own story for inspiration, penning a series of original songs that are, at times, more personal than even she anticipated.

"There are things in my life that I didn't ever think I would tell publicly," Saloff says. "There's the issue about abuse that comes up in the play, and I'll leave it at that. Somehow putting these stories together felt brave, it felt right."

The play is set at a memorial service for an Asian drag queen. Saloff portrays herself and a series of characters who pop up in her memory as she's telling stories. Only one song, "Like Glass," has been previously recorded. The rest Saloff wrote specifically for the piece.

"Once I got into these characters it kept coming out," Saloff says.

"Some of the music is written for me as myself, and some are written for these characters. It was a really fun process even though at times it could be like sitting on an egg and waiting for it to hatch."

Saloff, who has performed the current show just once - last spring in Chicago - is planning a longer run in both Chicago and New York after the two Acorn performances.

"My passion for this piece from the very beginning comes from wanting to use my broader talents," Saloff says. "A lot of people don't know that I was an actor before I was a jazz singer. I wanted to express my character work. Until now, I just wasn't sure how it was going to happen."

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Today's the Day!

Filming of Season 3 officially starts today! Have fun Tracey!! Not only will Tracey be acting, but also directing. It's going to take alot of work, but we know Tracey will have no problem with that because a) She has great energy, b) She's a "Happy Schizophrenic" which will help her breeze through her characters, c) She's a hard worker, and d) She's Tracey Ullman.

More New Photos from the CFDA's

I am loving those Pink Shoes.

Australia gets "State of the Union" Seasons 1&2 together

Sure look likes it.

State of the Union (Tracey Ullman's) - The Complete Series 1 & 2 (2 Disc Set) (808110)
Coming Soon! Pre-Order Now - Available Thursday, 01 October 2009
AU$29.97 Currency Converter International Price (inc GST)

Please Note: As a franchise organisation, titles and prices may vary between the physical stores and this website.

This DVD is formatted for playback on PAL enabled systems (Australian Standard).

Pre-order this item and we'll include Free Delivery via Australia Post Surface Mail (Australia Only) We do not charge your card until your order is ready to ship.

One nation. Impersonated.

Tracey Ullman stars in the new hit comedy State of the Union. Tracey pokes fun at America's favourite celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellwegger, Helen Mirren and David Beckham and many more. This comedic send up takes a satirical look at a day in the life of America.

Special Features:

Blooper and Outtake Reels
Character Screen Tests with commentary from Tracey
Making of the Opening sequence with commentary from Tracey
Extra Material
Deleted Scenes

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Tracey's at it again!

Shooting starts on SOTU, Sept. 11, 2009

Tracey Ullmans STATE of the UNION starts shooting on Monday September 14th at CBS Radford Studios in Studio City Hollywood Ca. The 7 part EMMY nominated series will be produced by Melanie Patterson and directed by Tracey Ullman. Rob Sweeney will be the DP

Allan McKeown, Tracey Ullman and Bruce Wagner are Executive Producers.

Andy Defoe is the asssociate producer, and Eric Fors the co-ordinator. The third season has been pre bought in a number of territories around the world.

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Darn, I missed it!

Unfortunately I have missed the Auditions for the third season of Tracey's Show. I am really bummed, but I may have another chance in the future. I'll stay positive! I am looking forward to seeing a whole new batch of Characters this season!

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Photos from inside the 2009 CFDA Awards


"Yeah, that's the blog I'm talking about! Isn't it sweet?"

More photos from Mel Brooks Tribute

Photos from

More Amazing Vintage for Tracey

These would totally suit Tracey as well! Especially the Gold!

Taken from

You will definitely be the golden girl in this lustrous changeable silk evening gown from the 1950's made by the Fashion Workroom, New York. The intricate construction has a scoop neckline with a V shaped opening and a criss-cross panel above a wide fitted cummerbund style waistline. The full skirt is flat at the center front with wide inverted pleats starting over the hips and continuing around the back to the metal center back zipper. The petticoat has horsehair panels over the hips for shaping as well as several ruffles at the back for fullness.

Norman Norell was an American master of design, sophisticated and elegant, never overdone or over embellished, always chic and flattering.

This elegant sleeveless black wool dress is a perfect example of his classic style. Vintage dresses that don't look dated, his designs are just as relevant today as they were in the 1960's. This dress has a bateau neckline, it is sleeveless with a dropped waistline and a belt at the natural waist. This appears to be a decorative element with two large black buttons, but in fact the belt "disappears" inside the dress, where it closes with hooks and eyes at the center back, just under the zipper.

Spare and simple lines, uncluttered design, gorgeous color in a substantial silk, with just three flat bows for ornamentation, Marc Bohan for Christian Dior Couture proves without a doubt that less really is more in this stunning evening turnout from 1973. The two piece dress is beautiful in its simplicity. The boned bodice is fitted with two darts, and the shoulder straps are accented by flat bows. There is a metal center back zipper and a lining of silk organza. The gently gathered skirt has a wide cummerbund style waistband enhanced by a narrow belt with a flat bow at the center front. The skirt has a center back zipper as well, and it is also lined in red silk organza. Comes with a Cape

Sleeveless dresses are all the rage right now thanks in part to Michele Obama, a true fashion original. Pauline Trigere, another iconic fashion original designed this sleeveless wool crepe dress in the 1960's. Perfect for drinks or dinner, this sleeveless dress has a high collar with V shaped seaming mimicking the V shaped seams at the bustline. The armholes are cut square, the skirt is a full A-line with pockets concealed in the side seams. The only ornamentation is a fabric covered belt held in place by four belt loops covered with prong set rhinestones. The belt buckles in the center back. There are two buttons and loops on the collar and a zipper which starts just above the belt, allowing for a glimpse of skin at the center back.

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If I were Tracey's Personal Stylist( I wish!)

I have been going back to this AMAZING site where the owner showcases vintage clothing. She had sold a black Claire McCardell dress to Tracey when she contacted the owner Angie a while back when she needed a dress for the CFDA Awards.

Thanks to Angie for allowing me to use her photos!

Here is the site:

I have been looking at many dresses, because I like vintage clothing and have pictured Tracey in them. I think that they would really suit her, because Tracey loves Vintage, especially Claire McCardell!

Here are some dresses that I really like, and think Tracey would look amazing in. I know I keep saying amazing, but the site is, and the dresses!

New old stock 60s dress of red chiffon with shadow rose print. Over red acetate, neckline drapes over bare skin. Lower in back. Piped at waist with tiny bows atop hips. Original store tags, by JONATHAN LOGAN. Flawless, never worn! Full skirt can be worn as shown or over a small crinoline. The perfect party dress!!

a stunning black taffeta bias cut 30s gown with wide ruffled collar and demure pink bows on sleeves.

Smashing black crepe 40s cocktail dress with swirling golden beaded details. Top has angled piece wrapping across to left shoulder, mimicked in a sarong wrap effect on skirt.

Violet pink and grey flecked rayon 50s dress with ruching at side bust and angled V neckline. Full skirt. Side metal zip, no label, no flaws.

Black crepe backed, matte silk satin 60s dress with button front bodice and off set waist bow. Snaps behind waist seam and slit to mid hips. No label, expertly made and flawless!

Hollyberry red taffeta 50s gown with bustle back and rhinestone studded insert at neckline. Pleats and folds envelop inset at neckline accented with various shapes of rhinestones, wide straps, nipped waist. Back has dramatic bustled effect at top of skirt. Side metal zipper, no labels. A handful of storage spots around hemline too faint to photograph, dress could be worn as is or made ballet length.

Lemon yellow 60s cress in crepe rayon with wide sash and rhinestone button detail. Military inspired angled placket on bodice accented with rhinestone buttons. Wide sash at waist, back metal zipper. One small spot toward end of sash, very faint.

Two piece 60s dress of chiffon and lace. Nearly sleeveless shell style blouse makes the top half of this dress with sheer chiffon shoulders, black lace to waist, buttons at back of neck and down lace panel. Full skirt of black chiffon over acetate taffeta. Wear together as a dress or use separately as parts of other ensembles....the black chiffon skirt alone is a fantastic basic to work with! No flaws.

50's silk chiffon dress in bold stripes of red, pink, black and purple. A hot color combo for summer! Fully lined, metal zip up back, by Sa 'Bett. No flaws.

A bronze taffeta 50s party dress with velvet ribbon and soutache detail, by MINX MODES. Velvet ribbon underbust and down to hemline....vertical band accents a button down closure. Scoop neckline, angled sleeves. Beautiful color sets off black details perfectly! My Favorite!!

Sweet candy pink cotton 50s summer dress with piped "shelf bust" bodice. Full skirt. Back metal zipper, no label. Small darker pink dot towards hemline, no other issues.

70s channels 30s in this dreamy sundrop yellow chiffon gown with sheer overjacket bringing to mind the ethereal dancing gowns of Ginger Rogers. By "Lillie Rubin". Deep V neckline front and back, back metal zipper. Skirt is full and has rolled hemline to create a structured, floating-above-the-floor effect. Sheer jacket has hook and eye at throat and wide scarves to tie in a bow, leave open or in a loose knot. Cuffs have gold and rhinestone buttons. The jacket would look great worn over a cami and leggings! A fantastic, flawless set.

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Trending Topic on Twitter(what a mouthful!)

Ok. If you are a twitter user, people try and get celebrities etc, as a "trending topic" by saying for example #traceyullman..I'm trying to get her as a trending topic, because alot of people tweet about her! Thre is already one on Meryl Streep ( #merylonconan) yay! Hopefully people reply and get her as a trending topic!!

Blogs and Kisseeesss

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DVD Review: Tracey Ullman - Tracey Takes On...

Author: Richard Marcus — Published: Jul 21, 2009 at 4:58 pm

Something that's always mystified me about movies is how the term "character actor" signifies a lower class of performer. You see I was always under the impression it is an actor's job to re-create the character that either the playwright or script writer had created. Silly me; people don't want to pay money to see Tom Cruise trying to be someone else, they want to see Tom Cruise fighting Martians War Of The Worlds or being a brave German army officer trying to kill Hitler Valkyrie. In fact, if the character's name isn't in the title of a film, I'd bet most audiences would only know his character as "the guy Tom Cruise played".

Nothing personal against Tom Cruise, you could replace his name in the previous paragraph with that of almost any other current or former movie star and it would be that same story. I say almost because there are some actors out there today who do create characters to play on screen, and aren't content to only play a variation of themselves. However, even when you do get someone creating a character for a movie, you often get more of a caricature than a real person. Most of the time what you'll see is a something along the lines of a few emotions passed off as a person: this is my character angry, sad, happy, and horny. Or even worse, what you see on screen is a mish-mash of stereotypes that identify a type but bear little or no relationship to a human being.

It's been years since I've seen any of Tracey Ullman's television work, so I had forgotten her skill at creating characters and bringing them to life. However, after watching the new release from Eagle Rock Entertainment, Tracey Takes On, her talent is indelibly etched into my brain. The release is a triple-disc DVD set of the third and fourth seasons of her HBO show of the same name, What makes her work so memorable is the fact her characters are multi-dimensional, and the more you see and get to know them, the more human they become.

Each segment of Tracey Takes On features Ullman's characters acting out what everything from "Obsession" to "Hollywood" means to them. Ullman introduces each collection of vignettes by citing an example or two of her own experiences and then we immediately segue to the first of her characters with something to say on the subject. Now I haven't seen any episodes from the first two seasons, but I have to assume that the collection of characters we meet over the course of these three DVDs have appeared throughout the history of the show, so some of you might already be familiar with names like Ruby Romaine the make-up artist; "Chic" Middle Eastern taxi driver; Trevor the gay airline steward; Sydney Cross the loud mouthed attorney; Chris and her lover Midge, a pro on the LPGA tour; Fern Rosenthal a Jewish retiree from Long Island living in Florida; Linda Granger ex star of the television show VIP Lounge; and the rest of Ullman's.

While her characters cross all boundaries of sex, race, religion, and age not once do they come across like stereotypes. Of course in some people's minds Ullman wearing black face in order to play an African American airport security officer named Sheneesha Turner, or her portrayal of Mrs. Non Nang Ning, the ancient Asian donut shop owner, is probably horribly politically incorrect. However as she's not holding back from skewering anyone or anything, I think these characters have to be taken within the context they are presented, some of the best social satire you'll ever see on television.

It's not just the way in which she tackles each of the subjects being "taken on" in each segment, it's the fact that the opinions being expressed are by characters, who border on being stereotypes, make each scene's sharp edges even keener. For as we watch the characters over the course of the three discs we get to know them far better than we would normally know any character on television. Ullman tricks us on occasion by sliding in something that's not funny, or is very gentle in its humour, which creates a bond between the audience and the particular character by showing them to be more then we had previously thought them to be.

Of course there are some characters for whom you're not going to feel any affection like Birdie Godsen, who has annual book barbecues in her gated community for her fellow Devout Christians living on Dan Quail Drive, or Erin McColl the earthy folk singer who you end up wanting to plant under six feet of earth for being so annoying. However, for the most part something of what can only be described as the characters' humanity shines through, allowing us to identify with their situation. It also turns the tables on us as it changes them from being objects of ridicule whom we've been laughing at into people whose feelings we can identify with, leaving you feeling just a little wrong-footed.

It would have been nice if there had been some liner notes with the package, breaking down who appears in which episode alongside Tracy Ullman, or something supplying a little bit more information about the show aside from the blurb on the back cover. True, there is a link to the show's web site where you can find detailed information about each episode, but that's not the same thing as having something you can refer to while watching the show. The special features on the other hand are great as they feature in-depth looks at two Ullman characters we met in this package and one we didn't meet at all. While one skit is a repeat, the rest is all new material and as funny and pointed as anything else in the collection.

It's rare for film and television actors these days who are willing to subordinate themselves to the character they're playing and even rarer to find one capable of creating a character with more depth than a cartoon cut out. Not only has Tracey Ullman created a very pointed, and sometimes poignant, look at modern life with her series Tracey Ullman Takes On, she does so by creating characters who are both funny and very real. As this was a cable television show originally, it comes with the requisite warnings about drug use, nudity, and some language. However it fails to give you two very important warnings that you'd be wise to heed before watching any of the material on this three disc set: Do not attempt to drink while watching this show because of the danger of choking and spitting, and ensure that you have emptied your bladder in advance in order to minimize the risks of pissing yourself laughing.

Kate Takes On...Tracey Ullman Characters

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Tracey Arrives At The Showtime Summer Press Tour!

Actress Tracey Ullman arrives looking lovely in Gold at the CBS CW Showtime Summer press tour party in San Marino, Calif. on Monday, Aug. 3, 2009.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Tracey's TimesTalks Interview

this was originally an audio clip, but I have found the actual video!(yay me) You can change the zoom to 125% if you want to see it in better quality.

Tracey Ullman uses Dr. Mary Lee Amerian products

Dr. Mary Lee Amerian’s skin care line is fabulous. Recently I finished filming a show and found my skin to be tired and dull looking. After two days of using Mary Lee Amerian’s skin are products, I felt the glow return. The products made my skin feel clean and firm. Now Dr. Amerian can reach out to others with her new skin care line, which I highly recommend.”—Tracey Ullman

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Tracey Ullman Attends "Julie&Julia" Premiere

Today 6:00 AM PDT by Marc Malkin

Last night's red carpet screening of Julie & Julia attracted a bevy of celebs, including the movie's costars Meryl Streep, Amy Adams (who, by the way, looked fetching in a white Roland Mouret dress and Tiffany jewels) and Chris Messina, T.R. Knight, Tracey Ullman, Ashley Greene, Kate Flannery, Giada De Laurentiis, and also from the film Jane Lynch and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Streep stars as the late world-famous chef, Julia Child, while Adams plays a New York City government worker who decides to spend a year making every recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Childs' book first published in 1961.

With the movie centered so much around food, we gotta admit we were famished by the time the end credits started rolling. Thankfully, we found an In-N-Out burger just steps away from the theater.

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State of the Union: A Very Funny Show

JULY 24, 2009


Women don’t watch The Simpson’s .....

or at least, we don’t admit to it. We sigh and roll our eyes at the crassness of animation, and shake our heads at the men and children parked in front of the set. Come late night TV, however, we grab that pint of mint chocolate chip and sneak off to the guest bedroom to laugh our heads off at the person behind it all. Tracey Ullman was FOX Network’s first real star. She could act, sing and dance – and her impersonations would bring the house down. Ullman rocked the house with the Tracey Ullman Show for years, inspiring the the Simpson family and spawning a series of Ullman shows. She made it big as Britain’s most wealthy comedienne – then became an American citizen and shifted gears. She appeared in the wildly popular Ally McBeal as the self absorbed lawyer’s therapist, made plenty of Ullman specials on HBO, and most recently made the move to Showtime. Tracey is everything women have to secretly admire in another woman. She made it in the old boys club – comedy 25 years ago wasn’t kind to the fairer sex, but Ullman blasted her way in. In her State of the Union (which has been received with thunderous acclaim) Tracey takes full advantage of her citizenship to poke fun at her chosen country – and we can’t help but laugh along. Quietly. So as not to wake our husbands. She was the inspiration for the Simpson’s, after all! Blush!!! Check out Tracey Ullman and catch up on State of the Union.

Tracey Interviewed at Mel Brooks Tribute

Actress and comedian Tracey Ullman is interviewed at an Academy Tribute to Mel Brooks at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, California July 24, 2009.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fingers Crossed!

2 Monday's ago I dropped my letter to Tracey into the mailbox extremely excited because I had finally sent her one after all this time. It took me many attempts to get the letter under 3 pages, and finally wrote the perfect one. I even put a star above her name on the envelope, to represent the star above her head, and made sure to explain it by doing this: "-> the star above your head".

I'm really hoping that the letter has reached her, and hopeful that she sends one back! I know that I'll have a long time to wait, but oh boy will it be worth it!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Extremely Happy!

So, I have been doing these Lipsyncs for youtube, and have been posting them on my blog, my facebook page and the Tracey Ullman Fanclub group on Yahoo. I have been messaging a friend over facebook, who has been so incredibly kind to me, and is a fellow Tracey fan. Not as much anymore, but that doesn't really matter anyways. I want to share with you some really nice things he's told me. I'll keep his name anonymous.

i just watched really makes me clearly can act and it's such a compliment to Tracey that you're doing this. There was this old comedian, Jerry Van Dyke and he made his whole act out of lip syncing to old Lone Ranger episodes..he would switch back and forth between characters...the scenes weren't funny on their own but when he performed them with his lypsyncing, they had people on the floor in hysterics...i think it's something like that, that you're keying into..keep're really good.

when i see you get one of her mannerisms, it really makes me laugh

just remember Alan and Tracey really need're really good for their business particularly being so young.. and what you do is such a compliment to her...take what she gives you, learn and make a career out of it for have such promise.

Your making Tracey cool again. She owes you.

How nice is that?? this makes me feel so incredibly good! Thank you. You know who you are.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tracey wins "Wow Moment Award"

The Wow Moment Award
Comedian Tracey Ullman really shocked me when I saw her in this glorious red Doo.Ri gown with an asymmetrical neckline.

I don’t think I have ever seen her look so fabulous.


This 4-DVD set contains the final two seasons of the HBO comedy series "Tracey Takes On..." based on characters created and performed by Tracey Ullman. Each episode focuses on a particular subject (Sports, Love, Agents, Loss, etc.) in a sequence of hilarious scenes involving a number of Ullman-created characters.

BONUS FEATURES Includes 72 Minutes of Never- Before-Seen Shows!

Special Guests include: Hugh Laurie (House) Julie Kavner (The Simpsons) Cheech Marin (Cars, Cheech & Chong) Michael McKean (Spinal Tap, Best In Show) Billy Connolly (Boondock Saints, The Aristocrats) Jennifer Jason Leigh (Fast Times At Ridgemont High) Corbin Bernsen (Psych, Major League)

Get Your Copy Today!

Possible Short Comedy Skit for Tracey

I'm sorry if some of you don't understand some bits, Most of this has been based on "Tracey Takes On" and "State of The Union", mixed together, with some phrases added in that she used in books and interviews. Also, I am not doing this to be mean.. AT ALL...whatever I've written is all in good fun, and for a good laugh!

Ruthy Rogaine= Ruby Romaine, Bobby=Buddy

"Wrinkly Work"

Imagine Tracey Ullman 30 years from now. She's still doing her impressions and big make-ups that she did on State of The Union. She's on the set of a movie playing Judi Dench, Who's fed up of playing the Mother roles. It is early Morning, around 5 AM

(Int.) Sally(Make-Up/Special Effects Make-Up): Good Morning Tracey! Ready for Make-Up?

Tracey: Oh yes Dear. Ready as I'll ever be. I've been in the chair for three hours before getting Make-Up done.

(Sally leads Tracey to the Make-Up Trailer to start on Tracey's transformation. Show Tracey going in, sitting down and then fade, and put " 2 1/2 hours later" on the black screen )

(Int.) ( Fade up)

(Sally has been called on her cellphone, and Tracey's Transformation is complete)

Sally: (On the phone) Yeah. Really?? OH MY GOD! I'll be there ASAP! (Hangs up) Tracey. I'm so sorry but I've just been told my Sister has gone into Labour! I have to go.

Tracey: ( Cheerfully) All right then off you go...(confused) But who's going to do my Make-Up?

Sally: ( Grabbing her Sweater and Bag) Um...Someone who's been in the business for a while. Her name is Ruthy I think.

Tracey: Alright. You'd better be going. Don't want to keep you waiting. See you around! ( Sally leaves, closing the door behind her)

( Tracey is thinking to herself when Ruthy comes in )

Ruthy: ( in a very Ruby Romaine voice) Hey There Honey!

( Tracey looks at Ruthy in the mirror, wide-eyed and thinks "Now that's Freaky...". She also thinks that Ruthy looks exactly like her character Ruby Romaine, only Ruthy's breasts are drastically smaller )

Ruthy: I'm Ruthy...Ruthy Rogaine. I know my last name is the name for a hair growth formula, but I Married a feller who was the Son and Co-Founder of the company. (Pause) He tried givin' me a hickie once...left his teeth on my neck. Anywhoo!

Tracey: (V.O thought) This keeps getting weirder

Tracey: Nice to meet you Ruthy

Ruthy: Yeah Honey, You too! Okay.. let's get started shall we. I gotta go grab my kit from the Buick. Be back in a flash!(Ruthy leaves and Tracey smoothes her long hair, then places it behind one ear )

( Various crashing noises come from outside the Trailer, followed by "Jeesus!" and "Goddam thing!" etc. from Ruthy, Ruthy comes back into the Trailer huffing and puffing.)

Ruthy: (Puts the kit down with a bang on the table) Jesus. I shouldn't have smoked for all those years you know Tracey. Now that's a habit with staying power! ( Laughs)

( Ruthy brings the kit over to where Tracey is sitting, and stops) Hold on Honey. I gotta do my morning stretch. (Ruthy rolls her ankles) (Says while rolling them) And in a circle and in a circle, and around we go, and around we go...

( Ruthy's stretch seems to be getting weirder, and Tracey can't help but smile, and tries to hold in a laugh)

Ruthy: Okay! I'm finito. Let's get started. (Ruthy starts applying Tracey's Make-up)
(While Applying) So, Where are you from? Scandanavia?

( Tracey looks puzzled and thinks "What??" but then remembers that she may be Scandanavian because of her Ancestry)

Tracey: No Actually. I'm originally from England, but have been living in California.

Ruthy: LA huh? The big LA ( Pronounced 'Lay') Whoops...only kidding (Awkward pause)

Ruthy: I remember when L.A used to be nicer. Now it has all these hookers runnin' amuck trying to get their daily more ways than one! (laughs)

Tracey: I hear ya!

Tracey: So Ruthy, Where are you from? ( Tracey is betting that She'll say Wisconsin, because Ruby was from Wisconsin)

Ruthy: Me? I'm from Wisconsin, dont'cha know? (Tracey thinks "Oh yeah" and smiles to herself)

Tracey: Any Children?

Ruthy: Yeah. I had one Rugrat. His name is Bobby.

( Before Tracey can get another question out that she'd probably know the answer to or would be the complete oposite, yet so similar, like Bobby=Buddy, Ruthy is more than half done her Make-Up )

Ruthy: Almost Done!

( Tracey sits in silence reminiscing of her 'Tracey Ullman Show' days, Her 'Tracey Takes On..' days and Her 'State of The Union' days )

Ruthy: ( adds some finishing touches to the make-up) Make-Up is done! Phase 1 complete! ( Chuckles)

Ruthy: (Continued) What style did they want you to have? You know, the Head Honchos?

Tracey: Just a simple bun. It's going to be pulled out anyways. I am doing a fight scene today with a younger Actress. She pulls my hair out and says, "You Filthy Cow!"

Ruthy: I see...( Starts to brush Tracey's long hair) Jesus girl, your hair is like a horses maine! It goes on for miles! (Laughs)

Tracey: (laughs) I like it long. (Jokingly) Plus, If I cut it, it may take away from my worth. Apparently I'm worth 75 million pounds. I said to myself, "No I'm not...I'm worth much more than that!!" (beat) And I still can't believe that my hair still looks so good..It's so shinnnyy...

Ruthy: Okay there Ms. Fairyland. Wake-up and smell the Chemicals.

( Ruthy is now getting ready to put it back in a bun, but gets side-tracked)

Ruthy: JEEAAZZUUSS! ( Her outburst startles Tracey because It came out of the blue)

Tracey: What?? what is it? is everything alright??

Ruthy: (While putting Tracey's hair in a bun) I forgot to turn the oven on for Bobby. Oh Shoot! now when he turns it on he'll blow up the house!

Tracey: (Jokingly) Let's hope it's still in one piece when you get home!

Ruthy: Yeah. Me too (Sprays Tracey's hair) Cover your mouth. Don't wanna inhale this kinda stuff.

Tracey: Why's that? I don't mind if a bit gets into my mouth. It happens all the time. It doesn't taste that bad...

Ruthy: It's bad for you 'cause it doesn't get you high! The only kinda high it gives you is the high I got when I was with my lover...Nothin'! ( laughs)

Ruthy: Wow Honey! You look good so far! (Clicking noise with the tongue)

Ruthy: (Cont.) and you look good with your hair down.

Tracey: I look like a Troll.

Ruthy: Like those toys they had years ago?

Tracey: Exactly.

Ruthy: So, did you hear about Meryl Streep's new movie that's out? it's really doing well. Of Course it is. It's Meryl Streep for goodness sake.

Tracey: No. I don't think I have. I'm sure it's a bloody masterpiece. Gosh, How old is she now?? 83?

Ruthy: Yep, and she's still making movies! Good for her.

Tracey: That's Meryl for ya.

(Fade Out)

( Fade-up,Inside Ruthy's Trailer)

( Ruthy is finishing Tracey's Hair )

Ruthy: Well there ya go! Your all set!

Tracey: Thank you so much Ruby (quickly corrects herself) I mean Ruthy.

(Tracey is called to set. She hears it through the speaker in Ruthy's Trailer. Tracey leaves the Trailer, and walks a short distance to the set)

Director: Okay Tracey. We're setting up over there. (Points to the corner where the set is decorated as a livingroom, and the younger Actress is already there)

( As Tracey is walking over, she overhears the Assistant Director talking to the Camera Operator, and listens in)

Assistant Director: Looks like we'll have to use the Fuzzy Focus lense this time...Try and make her look more youthful...

Camera Operator: But I thought She said that She wasn't afraid to look ugly on TV...

Assistant Director: Well, that doesn't really matter does it? She was much prettier back in the day.

Camera Operator: She still is. At least she doesn't have the botox and collagen in her face like all the other Actresses you see.

( Tracey smiles to herself and walks over to the set. She'll a little miffed that they said they had to make her look younger)

Tracey: ( V.O thought) If they hired me to play an older part, and I call it 'Wrinkly Work', then why the hell are they going to make me look like a baby? (sigh) Oh is Hollywood afterall...



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tracey Ullman : Canadian TV Interview 1985

I've never seen her on a Canadian Station before! She talks about being in the movie "Plenty" with Meryl Streep.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Interview with Ruby Romaine

Me and My Friend Kevin made this phone interview, and posted it on facebook, and youtube! Enjoy! And yes, this really is me..

it's better if you listen to it with's just a suggestion..

Blog Updates now on Twitter!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ullman is a Comic(and Mimic) Genius

By Scott D. Pierce

Deseret News

Tracey Ullman is the most talented woman in show business.
Not to put too much pressure on her or anything. And, hopefully, not to raise expectations for her new TV show too high — although it's great.

Ullman gives a whole new meaning to the term "one-woman show." An astonishing mimic, she plays pretty much all the parts in her new Showtime series "Tracey Ullman's State of the Union," which premieres Sunday at 11 p.m.

It's a faux documentary, narrated by Peter Strauss, that's sort of a day-in-the-life of people across the United States. One minute, Ullman is an immigrant woman heading off before dawn to make donuts. The next she's a Jamaican caretaker to an elderly Jewish woman. The next, she's former Los Angeles anchorwoman Linda Alvarez (who has fictionally moved to Buffalo).

Ullman isn't not shy about poking fun at TV news. Alvarez's idea of "international news" is that "Paris Hilton has miscarried in Dubai." Former MSNBC newswoman Rita Cosby thinks she's got a big scoop by crawling around the gurney that's about to be used for an execution. NBC newswoman Campbell Brown gives viewers "their daily dose of fear."

It's funny because it's so, um, sort of true.

Ullman also takes aim at celebrities ranging from environmental activist Lori David (ex-wife of Larry David); political pundit Arianna Huffington, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; actor Tony Scirrico; soccer star David Beckham; and Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina.

And she creates lots of "regular folks" characters, including the woman with restless leg syndrome; the wife (of three weeks) of a death-row inmate about to be executed; and an executive secretary about to have an affair with her boss.

That's all in the first episode. Which runs 25 minutes. Including the credits.

Some of Ullman's past TV efforts — like her HBO series, "Tracey Takes On ... " — have been good but not great. She's done a fantastic job of creating (or impersonating) dozens of characters, but the shows have been more clever than funny.

No such problem with "State of the Union," which is laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Like when Ullman's Arianna Huffington comments on former presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani.

"You know, it was very smart of Giuliani's campaign manager to make him shave his head. He was having a hard time campaigning in the windier states with his little comb-over flapping and flapping," says the faux Huffington in the faux Hungarian accent.

And there's a wildly entertaining sequence in which Padmah, a pharmacist in Oak Ridge, Tenn., is being robbed by a drug addict — and suddenly she's headlining a Bollywood-esque musical production number.

There's always something unexpected and funny on "State of the Union." Including some footage of Park City in Episode 3 — faux Dame Judy Dench is interviewed about her film at the Sundance Film Festival.

The show airs on pay-cable channel Showtime, so it should come as no surprise that "Tracey Ullman's State of the Union" is not intended for children. There's R-rated language — including multiple uses of the f-word — and sexual references.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tracey's Tavis Smiley Appearance Repeat

In case you missed Tracey's most recent appearance on the Tavis Smiley
show in April, it's being repeated a week from this Friday, or July 17.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Academy To Pay Tribute To Mel Brooks

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will present a tribute to comic legend Mel Brooks on Friday, July 24, at 8 p.m. at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Hosted by film historian Leonard Maltin, the evening will feature Brooks in person, along with numerous film clips and stories from his artistic collaborators and friends. Special guests will include Richard Benjamin, Teri Garr, Cloris Leachman, Carl Reiner, Tracey Ullman and Lesley Ann Warren (schedules permitting).

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Random Fun

I have made a youtube video of myself lipsyncing along to one of Tracey's Characters Gretchen Pincus!! Andrew Mitchell loved it. This is the comment he left:

"that was freaking hilarious..i didn't laugh when tracey did it but when you did it, I was in fits of must have watched that a hundred times because you got the mannerisms down perfectly...more Kate more! Post a link to this video in the Tracey Yahoo group."

The Original

Friday, June 19, 2009


I just finished talking to my good friend Roger Reini over facebook about Tracey Ullman...Who else?? :P She always comes up in conversation. I can't help it. Anywho, He shared with me a couple emails that he had recieved from Tracey herself. As I was reading them, I had goosebumps. Even though they were not for me, I was very happy for him. One day it might happen to me, so I can share them with him! Thanks Roger! It made my evening!

I am oh-so tempted to send an email to that address...but I will restrain myself..where's the rope...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

7 More Episodes of State of The Union!! Whoo!!

Showtime picks up Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union for a third season

LOS ANGELES, CA – (June 18, 2009) – Seven-time-Emmy®-winner Tracey Ullman will return for a third hilarious season in her critically-acclaimed sketch comedy series TRACEY ULLMAN’S STATE OF THE UNION. Seven new episodes will start production this summer and air on SHOWTIME in 2010. Ullman will once again serve as executive producer with her husband Allan McKeown, and she will also write the episodes.

TRACEY ULLMAN’S STATE OF THE UNION features a kaleidoscope of original characters and impersonations in a wide collection of irreverent and hilarious skits that range from sardonic parody and social satire to Bollywood musicals. Over the last two seasons, Ullman has tackled the country’s celebrity-obsessed, 24-hour news culture by portraying a variety of characters from celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, RenĂ©e Zellweger, Dina Lohan, Tony Sirico and David Beckham to politicians and pundits like Laura Bush, Nancy Pelosi and Arianna Huffington. Additionally, Ullman has created a new line-up of original characters that reflect a cross-section of American society from an Indian pharmacist to a homeless woman without health insurance to a soldier on temporary leave from Iraq.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Photos!

Thanks to my friend Di on Facebook, she has sent me some more photos from the Fashion Awards! My God..She's absolutely radiant.

Images from the CFDA Fashion Awards