Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fanmail Etc.

I have been looking everywhere for a fanmail address for Tracey, and can't find one anywhere! I really want to write her a letter. A friend of mine gave me her "Address". It's in quotes because it could be, or it's some made-up one. I decided to use google earth to see what it was all about, typed in the address and it showed me this big white apartment building, in the middle of nowhere,looked like the outskirts to me...I know that she lives in LA, but not what google showed me..I mean, she's famous. Why the heck would she be living in an apartment? Even if it was where she lived, I wouldn't care. I wouldn't send her a letter to her personal address. Imagine trying to explain to her how I found her address?? "Dear Tracey Ullman, I am a big fan of yours and I found your address on some website." Lovely...

I'll just try and find a fan letter address, or hope that I can meet her one day.
I don't want to invade on her privacy. That's just wrong.

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