Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Mysterious Woman

I was walking down Rodeo Drive in LA,
The sun was bright and warm.
I was headed to a café to grab a coffee.
A woman passed by
Her long dark hair blowing in the breeze.

She was wearing shades
To keep the sun out of her eyes.
She looked familiar,
But I couldn’t remember where she was from.
It was bugging me.

I followed her.
I felt like a stalker,
Following this mysterious woman around.
Luckily she went into the same café I was going to.

I casually sat down
And opened my book.
I occasionally peered over the top
To try and get a better look.

She was talking on the phone,
In a lovely British accent.
Immediately I knew who she was.
Her voice gave her away.
She cheerfully laughed that laugh I knew so well.
It was her.
Tracey Ullman

She walked over to the table across from me.
My heart was racing.
She said a small “hello”
And sat down.
I was silent.

Say Something.
I sneezed.

“Bless you!” She said.
All I could give was a smile.
I was nervous.
I hope she didn’t see it.
Say Something!
At least introduce yourself.
My mouth didn’t work.
If I opened it,
I’d blabber.
So I kept quiet.

Good god she was beautiful.
She looks so youthful.
She took off her shades,
And placed them on the table.

Our eyes met.
Oh God.

Say Something!
“Excuse me, but are you Tracey Ullman?”
I asked
She looked at me, gave a smile and told me she was.
Then she asked me who I was.

“I’m…I’m Kate”
I said nervously.
My voice was shaky.

"That's a lovely name!" She said cheerfully.
She liked my name.

She got up.
I thought she was going to leave,
but sat down in front of me instead.
Her lips were red.
Like I've seen in pictures.
She was more beautiful in person.

She said something,
and before I knew it,
she had her hand out to shake mine.
I shook it.
I was never going to wash my hands again.

"Your shaking!" She said, Smiling.
I told her I was nervous,
Because I was a fan of hers.
I finally got over my nervousness,
and told her everything I wanted to tell her.

She was very kind.
And made me laugh a few times.
She was a hoot.

We talked a while longer,
about her show
and other things too.
It was getting late in the day,
and she had to get home.

"It was lovely meeting you!" She said.
"same here" I said.
She got up, smiled and left the cafe.

What a day!

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