Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Tracey...How I admire thee

As you already know..well, some of you..okay, none of you know that I've wanted to meet Tracey ever since I saw her in "Tracey Takes On..." I just fell in love. We somehow share the same interests. I like impersonating people, She likes impersonating people, and she is way better than I am. Only Tracey can come up with 52-54 characters in 3 weeks ok? No one else. No one comes close. I mean, she is such a talented, funny, charming woman who seems like a firecracker to me. So full of energy! I keep telling my mom that I want to meet her, and she replies "Maybe one day you will." Let's just hope that's true! Oh God, if I could meet her? and shake her hand?? I'd die. It would be so amazing, you have no idea, unless you've met her yourself. People call me obsessed. Great. Whoopee. I don't care. Say what you want. I mean, She's helped me come out of my shell when it comes to acting or doing my accents or voices. There was a point in my life where I didn't care anymore, and stopped doing my voices. But when I watched her, somehow it jolted me. Brought me back to life in a way. And I started doing them again, and started to learn Tracey's Characters, and now I can't stop!

I keep having these dreams of meeting her, and dancing with her, having a grand old time. Why can't this happen in REAL life? Oh yeah, because it's so unreal...damn...
I quote her characters alot too. Especially Fern. I was in the grocery store the other day, and I saw some Rugela Cheese and said something like "The Rugela! Harry, the Rugela is burning! Ay Christ!". See? I can't help it.

She's a cut above the rest. You know that already right?

I can't really express how much she inspires me... She's a genius, the cream of the crop...Tracey, your a genius, and one day, I hope I can meet you, so I can ruin my mascara and look like a complete idiot, just for you... :)

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  1. Hey Kate!
    After reading this post i have definatly decided to look into Tracey more.=)
    I figured that someone who talks this passionatly cant really be wrong, i mean your always spot on with what you say about meryl on youtube.
    Will let you know how i get on <3
    Kelly, from facebook x (im talking to you now haha)