Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"American Spirit" Lyrics

I've listened to this a few times, and have translated it the best I can.

America is wild and free,
And built by those like you and me,
I hope that you will soon get laid,
Perhaps you'll lease an escalade..
Hit it!

That is the American Spirit,
You may get burned if you get near it,
July 4th and apple pie,
Illegal wars in which you die,

Satanic cults in California,
Child abductions and gay pornia,
Surfing dads and nascar races,
Plastic Surgeons make new faces,
All the young girls have tattoos,
The movie business run by jews.

Drive by shootings
yes we can!

Stars and stripes and all nude strippers
We will make one for the Gipper!

The ratpack twilight supervillain,
Deepak Chopra
Mega killing
Ativan to ease your fears

Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mouse
All the banks foreclose your house
Warren Buffet and Ted Danson
6 degrees from charlie manson

That is the American spirit
You may get burned if you get near it.

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