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The Many Funny States of Tracey Ullman

By Ruben V. Nepales
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:48:00 05/30/2009

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LOS ANGELES—A recent interview with Tracey Ullman about “State of the Union,” her latest hit TV series in which she impersonates famous people and regular folks as she parodies life in America, was like watching a private show. The British comedienne, who lives in the US, launched into samples of her hysterical portrayals of such celebrities as actress Renée Zellweger, political pundit Arianna Huffington and former First Lady Laura Bush.

With her husband, producer Allan McKeown sitting in the room, the mother of two offered a glimpse of the private Tracey as she acknowledged her hubby’s presence. Excerpts of our interview:

What kind of feedback do you get from people you impersonate, like Renée Zellweger and Mrs. Laura Bush?

I hear that Renée Zellweger was on David Letterman’s show, where she said that I looked like her twin brother in drag (laughter). So I took that to mean she found it funny and seemed to take it in a very good spirit. I haven’t heard from Mrs. Bush. I’d love to (laughter). Arianna Huffington loves it. I just pepper my show with impersonations of famous folks so I get to do real people too.


Is there anybody you wouldn’t touch?

No, there’s nobody I wouldn’t attempt if I thought I had a good take on that person. Sometimes, we’ll suggest a character, then I’ll just say, “But, that person is in such distress, or what would the joke be?” You don’t want to just hammer it home and be incredibly cruel. You want to find some hope in things. There isn’t a mean-spirited quality to the comedy I do—there has never been. I really love people—and I like impersonating them. Sometimes, it has gotten a bit cruel or gone across the line, but I’ve never had any major complaints.

Who did you start impersonating when you were a child?

Mireille Mathieu (a French singer) used to make me laugh. I couldn’t speak French, but I used to be fascinated by her hair clinging to her lip gloss. I would pretend to be her as I wore my mother’s nightdress on the windowsill. I also did Julie Andrews: “But Captain, they’re just children. Doe a deer a female deer.”

I also used to impersonate a dear lady who lived opposite us, Annie Cox, who lost her fiancé in the First World War. She always had something just hanging on her nose. This little English spinster was always cold and she would take our dogs for a walk. She broke my heart.”

Can you say something about the JK Rowling episode? You even had Laura Bush talking about getting George W. to read the “Harry Potter” books.
He’s on the third one now, “The Goblet of Fire.” He’s just having trouble with the words (laughter) and I’m walking him through them. I noticed there was a lot of litigation about the “Harry Potter” image within America, so we decided to put on a five-city litigation tour. JK Rowling is a bit of a bitch in it, but I liked her look—and there’s a sadness to her. When she talks, she’s obviously someone who didn’t think she’d ever be famous—like when she accepted this thing at Harvard. I like the way she has come up.


I looked like her at some point—the sad eyes. I put that in the show, that she wrote in a coffee shop, and that she was a single mom. It just seemed right that someone like Renée Zellweger would want to be this inspirational, wizard woman in a movie. We’d be watching someone making a movie of JK Rowling, like she’d be going to the middle of the country and finding people doing Quidditch rides. She’d be saying, “That’s interfering with my legacy.”

Was there a time in your life when you stopped in your tracks and forgot about being funny?

I didn’t think much was funny right after 9/11. That was a tough time.

How have your children benefited or adjusted from growing up in England and the States? And, how is your own experience shuttling between the two countries?

You’re never satisfied with one place anymore. It’s weird—I love England and I love the States. When I’m here, it’s just so easy. Imagine Europe now, they’re getting out the umbrellas and sweaters. There’s all that history—and the churches to visit. When I’m there, they don’t gift wrap so, I think, ‘I’ve got to get back to the States!’ “You don’t gift wrap? What’s the matter with you?” (Laughter) You’re never happy.

My daughter is very pro-British. She went to university there. She works for the General Secretary of the Labor Party in England. We’re very proud of her. It is her dream job. Mabel wants to rule the world. But she has an American identity, too. I also have a European and American sensibility. But, sometimes I feel 75 percent more American. Our son, Johnny was born here. He’s now in high school here, but he still has an incredible English accent. It’s amazing!

Your husband is in the room, but can you talk about him anyway?

My husband Allan and I have been together for 25 years. My life didn’t begin until I met him. I love him so much. He let me do what I wanted to do. He made me come to America. He’s brave, curious and bold. He was always looking to do something bigger. I didn’t work with my husband initially on a production level when I first came here, but I’m so glad I do now. It’s like shorthand between us. He’s the funniest person in our family. He may look a bit shy now.

Allan: You have to be careful when you work with this woman.

You’re turning 50 this year. What are your thoughts on aging?


There’s real fear of aging in this country, which I don’t share. It seems to be an American nightmare, especially for women. There’s nothing worse than a woman trying to look like she did when she was 32 when she is 58. It’s like, “Have some dignity, guys—just go with it!” Yes, I do have a big birthday coming this year.

I based my career from the very beginning on people like Maggie Smith, Judi Dench and Margaret Rutherford. I keep thinking Maggie and Judi are going to eventually not want those parts and I’m going to move up and take them (laughter). So, hopefully, I’ll be working in my 70s and 80s. You know, character actresses. I never had looks to lose. I could keep going—Meryl Streep and me.

As a kid, how did you celebrate your birthday, which was in the middle of winter?

I have the sh*ttest birthday—the 30th of December! Can you imagine what that was like when I was a kid in England? It was the day before New Year’s Eve. It was horrific! My sister’s birthday is on the fourth of July. It was all about strawberries and dancing in the garden in summer dresses. Mine was like, “Don’t talk about it. It’s her birthday.” It was pitch-dark (laughter). Every one wrapped presents for me that they didn’t want from Christmas. It was a terrible time to have a birthday (laughter)!

Very Interesting

I have just found this on Wikipedia. I never knew this before. I do know that she doesn't have a middle name, but didn't know her name was spelled that way!

Ullman later recalled, "My real name is Trace Ullman, but I added the 'y.' My mother said it was spelled the American way, but I don't think she can spell! I always wanted a middle name. My mum used to tell me it was Mary but I never believed her. I looked on my birth certificate and I didn't have one, just Trace Ullman."

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Favourite bits from Season 2

Some of my favorite sketches from the Season. They were all fantastic, but these really got me going :D

Arianna Huffington's Diary Blog

You know how Tracey always says "Dear Diary Blog" as Arianna? Well, I took my own spin on one of her blog entries.

Date: Friday, April 12, 2008

Hello my fellow bloggers.
It's Arianna. How are you? My housekeeper Rosa is running errands and I can't seem to decide between a wet or a dry swiffer to clean my floors. I've tried searching for a cleaning job on Google, but all I can find is people giving head. It always comes back to porn! Unbelievable! I tried that free trial on eHarmony, but I am still single. No replies. Is it because I'm too tall? to Greek, over 40 and living in Los Angeles? All I want is to take long blogs in the rain. Is that too hard to ask Darling? I'm trying to keep up with my Diary Blog, but blogging you know, it's a real litmus test. Rosa just called and said that her car broke down on the highway. Cars can be so blogging unreliable! So I've decided to clean my own house, and risk ruining my leopard print dress and Jimmy Choos Shoes...Aah, Arianna, at least you make me laugh. The smell of pledge reminded me of my home in the foothills of Athens. Strange, but pleasantly nostalgic.
I had to take my laptop to Pradip at Software Solutions because it kept blogging out on me. Unbelievable. I was happy that he fixed it, even though he was perfoming an illegal operation. At least I can blog again right? Darlings, I have to go because I have an award show to go to. I'm nominated! I already recieved my goody-bag. A Swarovski Crystal mouse...Cialis, Viagra...and a Wikipedia scented candle. How original. I don't know if I should stay safe with Diana Von Yurenblog, or rump it up with Dolce and Blogana! If Anne Coulter wins, I'll just blog myself! She's a blonde bitch who should have her youtubes tied.

Blogging off now,
Blogs and Kisseeeesss

Merrily we Stroll along...

Tracey Takes a Walk on Bedford Drive. Beverly Hills, California on May 26, 2009.

thanks Epmimic!

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Short snippet from Tracey's BAFTA Award

What an Episode!

As you all know, last night was the season finale of Tracey's second Season, and it was the best of them all I think. All of the episodes were great, but they definitely saved the best for last. Tracey was dancing and having a grand old time. Her Jodie Foster was amazing. I really liked the Chanel bit and when she mentioned Meryl. Actually, I loved all of it. The over-perscribing Doctor, The Teacher who seduces students etc. I'm a little sad that it's over! Oh well,there is going to be a third season, and hopefully I can be in it. Until next time.

Blogs and Kisses!

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State of The Union Marathon

Showtime is now advertising a mini-marathon, taking place on May 23, 2009, on SHO2 in America. Episodes #204, #205, and #206, will be repeated on Sunday, May 24, 2009. If you have showtime on Demand like I do, it will be aired the next day, Monday, May 25th at 9PM. Don't miss any of it!

Amazon OnDemand: Tracey Takes On

Amazon is in the process of adding the complete series of "Tracey Takes On.." to their Video OnDemand section! The only problem is, it can't be viewed in Canada!

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Andrew Mitchell's State of the Union

Incredibly well done. Write more please! Add me in next time ;p

America, 50 states, 51 Capital Cities, Home to over 300 million Americans. From
Coast to Coast. From Sea to shining sea. Land of the free. Home of the Brave.
Let's visit its people for a day.

It's 4:15AM Monday in Westland, Michigan and Roger Reini stretches, picks up his
copy of the Bahai holy texts, heads out to the back yard and winds up his Tracey
Ullman flag. With a salute to Lady Sovereign and not a thought of another
pending 2,000 layoffs at the Ford motor plant, he blissfully savors the sight of
the stars meeting the sun and his favorite Brit flapping as morn' breaks.

Chicago, Illinois, the windy city and Laurie Beatnik is late for work. She has a
busy day ahead and depressed over last night's episode of SOTU. she pulls out
her "Now NetworkT Sprint® BlackBerry" to text her hubby. "We don't 'pig call'
in Illinois! WE DON'T PIG CALL IN ILLINOIS! I cranky. Make dinner tonight. I
spent mornin takin out all pork from freezer. There be tofu in fridge. Good
luck. I be home late. Put kids bed. Going church after work speak to Sister
Mary. She needs know how Tracey being making fun a nuns! not right. NOT RIGHT!"

It's Sportstown USA, Greenville, North Carolina and Mr. Takahashi is on another
run to the Piggly Wiggly to pick up some pickles and Haagen Dazs. Christina
Takahashi, tears drenching her nightgown, is sitting in front of her VCR
watching "Sir" from the Tracey Ullman Show for the 633rd time this week.
Suddenly that queasy feeling hits and with a thunderous dash for the toilet, she
inadvertently rips the VCR cord from the wall, the machine flips over and her
one true VHS copy of "Sir" unravels all over the floor. She kneels before the
toilet, looks to the sky and wonders what will be toiling her longer: the
morning sickness or SOTU second season.

It's 2PM in Los Angeles, California and the staff of SOTU have been summoned to
the development room by Allan McKeown. "aanealog, the fans are on to us." You
must immediately make the website look like a fan site. Personalize it for
bloody sake! Dedicate it to Tracey or something. We need to build a fandom
online!" He turns to Bruce Wagner, who suddenly bristles with fear. "Oh relax,
I'm not firing you yet. We need more filth Bruce. Dirty it up. Whatever it
takes. If she has to flash her tits, she has to flash her tits!! We gotta be
relevant! We want the kids. Not those old loser Tracey Ullman Show fans!

7PM in Toronto and Andrew Mitchell has just returned from the US border post
office after picking up his Tracey Ullman website commission cheque. "Goddammit!
How the hell am I gonna put Frannie through college if I can't sell more VHS
tapes of Best of 3 Of A Kind", he screams. Dressed in her baseball uniform, his
daughter enters the room. "Daddy, are you ready to take me to baseball
practice?", she asks. "Not now Frannie! I have to send an email to another one
of Tracey's writers. Gotta get them to show her the light. Why won't they talk
to me anymore?! They so agreed with me about SOTU's poor writing!" he exclaims.
"But Daddy I thought you liked Tracey Ullman? What's this? A cheque? You're
making money off Tracey Ullman!! Oh Daddy, that's a truly awfully thing to see.
You have no sense of honor. You're practically picking Tracey Ullman's pocket!"

9PM in motor city and Roger Reini, a yawn overcoming him, decides to go upstairs
to make sure everything is in place in his Tracey Ullman memorabilia room. He
notices that Episode 6, 2nd season "The Tracey Ullman Show" is missing! A sudden
panic overcomes him until he realizes it inadvertently got filed under Episode 6
of A Kick Up The Eighties. With a sigh, a smile and his Bahai texts firmly
clenched to his chest, Roger heads out to the back yard to wind down the flag of
Lady Sovereign. With his unwavering disposition of optimism, he looks to the
stars and nods. Good Night America.

State of the Union Finale

Next week is the last episode of State of the Union. I enjoyed every show, and am looking forward to Season 3, which is in the writing process. Here is a clip from the final episode..I think the show is going to go out with a bang!

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Tracey as Seth Rogan

Is my counter on the fritz, or is this really happening??

I had to install a new counter because I thought my old one was wonky, and miscounting hits. I installed the new one, but everytime I refresh my page, BAM! the hits increase again. Is this really happening, or is it on the fritz again??

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I. Want. This.

The crew shirts which were worn for the 2007 filming of Season 1 of "State of the Union" have popped up onto the internet. You'll notice that they have each name of the characters Tracey was performing for the season, even the celebrity impersonations. There are a few character names which did not make the season. We got a few deleted sketches on the Season 1 DVD, but many of these names are still unknown. I wonder who they were??

Shasha Nicholson

Tracey In Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith Column

She's very similar to Meryl Streep. Meryl doesn't want to be away from her children, and is very happy being a mother. And I love the bit about how Meryl is the only one still working in her 50's. Don't worry Tracey, you'll be there very soon!

ON THE PERSONAL SIDE: Tracey Ullman tells us she'd like to work more, but for now she's content being a mother and doing her TV show, "State of the Union." "I've started writing some more, but I've just been doing these shows really," Ullman says of her Showtime series. "My son is in school here, so I don't want to do anything that takes me away. I guess when he goes to college I can do other stuff. This is enough for me to do, quite honestly," she adds. "If I ever get offered a nice part in a film, then that'd be great, but they are few and far between. Only Meryl Streep is working in her 50s. I'm not there yet, but I'm getting there."

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Rare photos of Tracey

Found through Google! just search her name in google images, and then click "Large Images". There are loads more!! Most of them where from when she did "Taming of the Shew" with Morgan Freeman, others are from a photoshoot. Enjoy!!

Tracey as Guest DJ on KCRW!!

Tracey acted as Guest DJ today on KCRW radio in Los Angeles, California.

Tracey's Track List

1.) Earth Wind and Fire - That's the Way of the World

2.) Kirsty MacColl - A New England

3.) Sid Vicious - My Way

4.) Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - One Leg Too Few

5.) Ray Charles - America the Beautiful

5 down, 2 to go

Season 2 of State of The Union is coming to an end. Only 2 episodes left! At least we can look forward to another season! More Characters, and more craziness :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Season 3 Update

Thanks to Epmimic

The third Series of "State of The Union" is officially in production! The series will start filming in September of this year. Also, The DVD for Season 2 will be released this October. Extras will be included!

Tracey gets interviewed at the Cricket Match at Hollywood Ashes

I love it when she takes his hat. Aaahh, She always makes me smile.

Tracey on Twitter??

I logged into twitter today to check updates, and decided to try and find Meryl or Tracey. So I typed in Tracey's name, and a profile came up. There is only 1 update so far, "Hello, I'm so excited, I'm twitting!". This puzzles me because if you watched her on the Chelsea Lately Show, She said that she didn't like Twitter or Facebook...Could it be her, or could it be a fake?? You be the judge...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tracey Ullman's 1986 "Hollywood Mom" Sketch

Extremely Funny. This was her first appearance as a comedian in the US, pre-Tracey Ullman Show.

Thanks Epmimic!!

When Dogs Attack

Episode 6

High society dog walker Tori Cambell is overwhelmed by the multitude of celebrity-owned dogs she has been hired to walk.

UK's original comic export Tracey Ullman recognised in LA

May 11th, 2009

Long before Ricky Gervais and Russell Brand made their mark in the States, a sharp-witted comedienne from Slough was tickling the US sense of humour.

Now Tracey Ullman - the Berkshire lass who became one of the UK's most popular exports Stateside - has been recognised with a lifetime achievement award at the British Comedy Festival in LA.

Accepting her trophy from Sharon Osbourne the 49–year-old entertainer - who first found fame across the pond with her eponymous stand-up show - marvelled: "I've come a bloody long way from my mum's window sill - the original Tracey Ullman Show."

"I'd draw the curtains and my mum would sit in bed and I'd do a show on the window sill," Tracey, a US citizen since 2006, told an audience including Cat Deeley and fellow comic Peter Kay.

The ceremony, which was part of an annual arts week highlighting UK performers' contribution to the LA entertainment scene, followed a fun-filled cricket match, also featuring Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman.

Tracey - who once defined her feelings for her adopted homeland by saying: "I love America... I'm English and I'm American, and that's bloody great" - entertained onlookers by pretending to take a twirl round the pitch with the dance expert.

Tracey Tosses the Coin!

Comedienne Tracey Ullman, center who was the official coin tosser before the Westfield Hollywood Ashes Cricket Match between Australia and Britain, poses with English Test Cricketer Graham Hick, left, and Australian Test Cricketer Michael Kasprowicz, right, in Van Nuys, Calif. on Saturday, May 9, 2009. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

I love her expression! It's adorable!

High Kicker

Britain's Nigel Lythgoe, left, a judge from "Dancing with the Stars" poses with comedienne Tracey Ullman who was the official coin tosser before the Westfield Hollywood Ashes Cricket Match between Australia and Britain in Van Nuys, Calif. on Saturday, May 9, 2009. (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Itsy-Bitsy Spider

Tracey as Tom Brokaw. I remember seeing this last week and being the blonde that I am, thought it was an actual spider coming down the TV screen, and actually tried to kill it...yeah, go ahead and laugh...

Damn, Tracey can Dance!!

I was blown away by this. What a dancer!! Some Commentary from Paula Abdul and Julie Kavner, and they hit the nail right on the nose. Tracey is fantastic!

It reminds me of her saying "All dancers on stage for the opening number"

Episode 4 Clip- Creating a Buzz

Tracey Ullman as Linda Alvarez reporting live from an apple orchard in Buffalo, New York.

Isle's creative hand behind Ullman award

The first look at Tracey's Award!

A Lifetime Achievement Award being handed to Tracey Ullman by Bafta/US tonight (Fri, May 8) was cast by a company in Thanet.

Meltdowns was contacted by the artist commissioned to produce the Charlie Chaplin statue being awarded to Ullman.

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts is holding the ceremony in Los Angeles.

Director Sarah Craske let KOSMedia in on the secrets behind the statue.

At the company's base in Manston Road, Ramsgate, she said: “The Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Achievement Award for Comedy was designed and created by the acclaimed graphic designer John Tribe, based in Whitstable, with the full support of the Charlie Chaplin Foundation.

"John has been designing and illustrating for over 30 years working on high-profile advertising campaigns as well as television titles. He also designed the BAFTA/LA Britannia Award.

"It was then cast into bronze at our foundry, before being despatched to the awards in Los Angeles.

"It is great to be part of such a high-profile international project, especially one that celebrates great British talent.

"We were also really pleased to get such great feedback from Donald Haber, the executive director of BAFTA/LA, who said that working with us had been a wonderful experience.”

Meltdowns is shortlisted in the category for Best Business in the Creative Industries for the Kent Excellence in Business Awards.

The company is working on other international art projects and offers fine-arts foundry facilities and studios.

It also runs an award-winning bronze-casting course and other education opportunities.

Launched in Ramsgate three years ago, projects have included creating artworks for Royal Caribbean's Cruise Liners, historical statues working with English Heritage and the British Museum, and delivering local art projects working with schools and Kent Adult Education.

The Chaplin award was presented during the festival as part of the 2009 BritWeek celebration.

Nigel Lythgoe, president of BritWeek and chairman of the BAFTA/LA Comedy Festival, said: "We are particularly excited to present our first-ever Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Achievement Award to a true representative of British comedy.”

For more information, visit

Looks like they are going green this year. It looks like the award is made out of wax or something. Tracey better be careful about where she leaves it. Wouldn't want it to melt in the sun... :P

Today is the Day!

Today is the biggest day in History...well, to me it is. Today is May 8th, and Tracey is going to be awarded the first ever Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Acheivement Award for Comedy at the LA BAFTA's Tonight. This is going to be amazing! Not only is it the first award of it's kind, but Tracey is getting the first one. Now that's an honour right there! Tracey must be extremely excited, as am I. Even though I won't be there in person, I'll be there in spirit. When the Audience cheers, I'll be cheering, and when the Audience Applauds, I'll be applauding.

Congratulations Tracey! You deserve this so much, and you're the perfect person for this award. Have a blast, and make 'em laugh! I am so proud and excited for you. All these years of being brilliant and having great success, it's finally going to be paid off with this great award!

You go Girl, and again, Congratulations!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You...

Thank-you for being original.

Thank-you for being an inspiration.

Thank-you for being funny and making me laugh.

Thank-you for not being afraid to try something new and different.

Thank-you for making me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to.

Thank-you for being the lovely, talented, and incredible person that you are.

Thank-you for making me not give up on my dreams.

Thank-you for bringing me back to life when I felt like I couldn't do it anymore.


4 down, 3 to go

There are only three more episodes of Tracey's State of the Union. They have been very good so far. Some episodes got more laughs than others, but Tracey's performance is stellar in all of them. She's one talented lady! (you know that right?) Stay tuned for episode 5!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No more anonymous comments...

I have officially stopped people from being able to leave comments anonymously because some people are really silly and are leaving useless comments that have nothing to do with my site, or Tracey. There are some exceptions; Roger and Expat. Their comments are fine, welcomed, and actually have something to do with my posts. So if you want to leave me a silly comment, don't. If you are a member, fan or friend, either use your login to leave a comment, or your name and URL, or leave a short message in the chatbox. If you cannot do this, I'll have to delete them like the 4 comments I had to get rid of. They just waste time. But if you want to comment on any of my posts feel free, but be sure they are appropriate.

Thank you

Clip from Episode 5, Season 2

Tracey Ullman as Tom Brokaw reporting from Washington D.C. on Obama's first 100 days in the White House.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

HBO Sample Pictures

Biggest Challenge: The Wardrobe arrived smaller than Tracey. Tracey had spoken with the stylist and told her that she was a size 8, but as she tried on the clothes they were a bit tight. Graciously, Tracey spoke in her best British character accent, " Well, these are obviously an Italian size 8, not an English size 8!" and we all had a good laugh. Pieced together with Gaffer's tape and alligator clamps, we had a great shoot!

It says that they were taken for The "Tracey Ullman Show", but it looks like they were taken for "Tracey Takes On.." because one of these photos is on the back of one of my DVD's..

Lovely photos!

Satire to Die For

The Wall Street Journal

Tracey Ullman is the best reason to subscribe to Showtime right now, and maybe ever. "State of the Union" -- the latest comedy sketch show in which she impersonates dozens of characters, real and imagined -- is also one of the best reasons to watch any TV at this point (Sundays 10-10:30 p.m. EST). As the second season began this month, Ms. Ullman was still making fun of the ways we live and think; more hilariously than ever but still without a shred of malice. Blessed with the insight of a transplant -- Ms. Ullman is British-born -- she knows that what is ridiculous or even lamentable in America is not evidence of evil or a fatal flaw. Not every joke will be to every taste. Yet Ms. Ullman and the other writers serve up so many that the greatest risk to the viewer here is of choking while laughing too hard.

Some of Ms. Ullman's most delicious parodies are of famous people: Céline Dion, Renée Zellweger, Arianna Huffington and Jodie Foster, to name only a few; and an especially delectable Heather Mills-McCartney.

First lady Laura Bush makes appearances, planning the No President Left Behind Foundation while she smashes a Dresden doll from that "Hausfrau, Angela Merkel" and chides an off-screen husband: "George, have you shot another genetically altered deer?"

Tough times call for Americans to adapt, and Ms. Ullman is full of fictional characters who can drive complex points home. A Bollywood routine sends an uninsured woman to India for bargain heart surgery and recuperation at the Two Seasons Hotel. We eavesdrop on stewardesses for an airline so chintzy that it charges passengers to respond to a call button, leaving the middle-aged attendants lots of time to chat among themselves: "You still trying to conceive with that gay steward from Lufthansa?"

In a nod to the ecological age, Buffalo local TV broadcaster Linda Alvarez tells us about an upcoming news feature: "How to convert your SUV to a guest room." More memorable still is the sight of a distressed driver pleading for help from On Star while crammed inside her 2009 Huzitzu Body Trap Hybrid. The tiny vehicle "gets 900 miles to the gallon" but requires her to drive in the fetal position.

There are satiric nods to national news. In an extended riff, the government has raided a polygamist compound. Various skits and characters then chart auditions and other events leading up to the smash Broadway polygamy musical: "Seven Brides for Every Brother."

TV Listings
Find television listings for these programs and more at LocateTV.Some set-ups we recognize from the world of glitz. There's Donna Karan redesigning Supreme Court robes, in "an organic cashmere-silk mix that draws moisture away from the body." We hear a song from Granny Cyrus -- while Miley and Billy Ray prepare to attend a "MTV father-daughter purity ball." We meet "child profiteer" Dina Lohan, lovingly sending her son to be managed by "David Archuleta's dad."

This week the chief target of Ms. Ullman's derision is J.K. Rowling, seen visiting the U.S. to terrorize people and organizations who are alleged to have breached her Harry Potter copyright. Among her targets for lawsuits: a burly homeless man charged for impersonating Hagrid.

Where else but on a Tracey Ullman show could we see the Dalai Lama as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," or watch a skewering of Oregon's euthanasia law ("proudly overdosing the terminally ill since 2001")? Any icon can fall. A mumbling Tom Brokaw reports from the White House, where the Obama girls "claimed to have seen the ghost of Sammy Davis Jr. outside the Lincoln bedroom." How about meeting the daughter of "Hawaii Five-O" actor Jack Lord? Can she be any hipper than dad?

And what about all those Cirque du Soleil performers, with their Frenchy accents and weird bird masks? Ever wonder what's really going on there? Ms. Ullman not only thought to lift the veil, years after the rest of us accepted Cirque as chic and impeccably avant-garde. By mocking Cirque, she liberates us all.

Tracey's BAFTA Award

Tracey is going to be honored with a Charlie Chaplin Lifetime Acheivment Award in Comedy on May 8th in Los Angeles. She may do some interviews and possibly discuss her Third Season of SOTU and how many episodes she is writing. This is going to be big, because it is the first ever award for Comedy!

Wish I could be there, but tickets are $250, and I don't have a way to get there... oh well.. Congrats Tracey! you deserve it!