Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Arianna Huffington's Diary Blog

You know how Tracey always says "Dear Diary Blog" as Arianna? Well, I took my own spin on one of her blog entries.

Date: Friday, April 12, 2008

Hello my fellow bloggers.
It's Arianna. How are you? My housekeeper Rosa is running errands and I can't seem to decide between a wet or a dry swiffer to clean my floors. I've tried searching for a cleaning job on Google, but all I can find is people giving head. It always comes back to porn! Unbelievable! I tried that free trial on eHarmony, but I am still single. No replies. Is it because I'm too tall? to Greek, over 40 and living in Los Angeles? All I want is to take long blogs in the rain. Is that too hard to ask Darling? I'm trying to keep up with my Diary Blog, but blogging you know, it's a real litmus test. Rosa just called and said that her car broke down on the highway. Cars can be so blogging unreliable! So I've decided to clean my own house, and risk ruining my leopard print dress and Jimmy Choos Shoes...Aah, Arianna, at least you make me laugh. The smell of pledge reminded me of my home in the foothills of Athens. Strange, but pleasantly nostalgic.
I had to take my laptop to Pradip at Software Solutions because it kept blogging out on me. Unbelievable. I was happy that he fixed it, even though he was perfoming an illegal operation. At least I can blog again right? Darlings, I have to go because I have an award show to go to. I'm nominated! I already recieved my goody-bag. A Swarovski Crystal mouse...Cialis, Viagra...and a Wikipedia scented candle. How original. I don't know if I should stay safe with Diana Von Yurenblog, or rump it up with Dolce and Blogana! If Anne Coulter wins, I'll just blog myself! She's a blonde bitch who should have her youtubes tied.

Blogging off now,
Blogs and Kisseeeesss

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