Friday, June 5, 2009

What The...?
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Tracey 'Sybil' Ullman (AKA Osama bin Ullman) was born on December 30, 1987. She was born and raised in Afghanistan, where she would be trained as an enemy combatant. It was during this time that she would master the fine art of terrorizing the American public, including poor innocent celebrities. At some point she moved to Britain and picked up enough English to get by.

Stint in Guantanamo

In 2005, Tracey was stopped at LAX, and arrested for impersonating a black Asian Airport Security woman.

Three years went by, and Tracey went back to her roots, reading the Quaran, and growing a beard. Suddenly, she got the idea of telling the CIA that she was actually a Jew and could not possibly be a dirty Muslim terrorist. Ullman broke into a bunch of gibberish Yiddish, and they granted her release.

Scared to death of being sent back to Afghanistan, or even worse, Britain, Tracey decided to start the process of getting American citizenship. She was sworn in, and decided to go back to television, to seek revenge on the country that threw her into a concentration camp. She was after blood.

I found some of this to be funny, but with some other things, I was afraid that Sydney Kross would sue them. "You name it, I'll sue it!"

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