Monday, June 15, 2009

Tracey attends 'A Good Smoke' Starring Meryl Streep

Yesterday, June 14th, Meryl Streep read "A Good Smoke" by Don Cummings in New York at the Public Theatre, and Tracey was in the audience. Some people tweeted about it.

Rnoodge: I attended a reading this evening starring meryl streep and debra monk. Alec baldwin, diane keaton, and tracey ullman were in the audience.

Most of you already know that Meryl and Tracey are very good friends, and they were in two movies together. "Plenty" and "Death Becomes Her". It would've been incredibly cool if I could've been there, especially if I could see Tracey. I'd be fidgiting in my seat all night. I'd be in heaven if I were in the same room with the both of them.. Gaahh!!

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