Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Extremely Happy!

So, I have been doing these Lipsyncs for youtube, and have been posting them on my blog, my facebook page and the Tracey Ullman Fanclub group on Yahoo. I have been messaging a friend over facebook, who has been so incredibly kind to me, and is a fellow Tracey fan. Not as much anymore, but that doesn't really matter anyways. I want to share with you some really nice things he's told me. I'll keep his name anonymous.

i just watched it..it really makes me laugh..you clearly can act and it's such a compliment to Tracey that you're doing this. There was this old comedian, Jerry Van Dyke and he made his whole act out of lip syncing to old Lone Ranger episodes..he would switch back and forth between characters...the scenes weren't funny on their own but when he performed them with his lypsyncing, they had people on the floor in hysterics...i think it's something like that, that you're keying into..keep going..you're really good.

when i see you get one of her mannerisms, it really makes me laugh

just remember Alan and Tracey really need you...you're really good for their business particularly being so young.. and what you do is such a compliment to her...take what she gives you, learn and make a career out of it for yourself...you have such promise.

Your making Tracey cool again. She owes you.

How nice is that?? this makes me feel so incredibly good! Thank you. You know who you are.

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